Most people don’t think about the underlying layers of their homes. When a house is built, it’s built upon aspects that you don’t want to see: rough concrete, rusty rebar, ugly wiring, and 2X4s with knots. None of these affect the structural integrity of the house, but you don’t necessarily want to be staring at them every day. A sheetrock installer will cover them up with drywall, hiding them forever.

As more and more layers are added to the house, it gets more and more beautiful. But there are still certain parts of the construction that are showing, namely between the windows and the sheetrock or between the sheetrock and the floor. A house isn’t finished until the trim carpenter does his work.

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There’s a good reason that trim carpenters are also called finish carpenters: we make things look finished! We’re covering up the ugly parts that other contractors leave behind. Now don’t get us wrong, they didn’t leave behind mistakes; they simply knew we’d be along to finish the job.

There are many types of trim in a house, so many that people don’t even think about all that’s needed. There’s trim around doors and baseboards, as well as mantels and other ornamental pieces. The trim at the floors is perhaps the biggest job in any house, hiding the connection of the wall to the flooring. That sort of trim is most likely to need repair, because it is hit by feet and vacuum cleaners. Trim carpenters also need to be able to match new trim to the old stuff as much as possible.

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