Showers have come a long way in a short amount of time. While people have been taking baths for thousands of years, showers are a much more modern invention. They started as a hose you attached to the bathtub faucet and are now a luxurious selling point in many homes.

Of course, not every shower can be considered luxurious. Many homes are built with simple showers that might get the job done but certainly aren’t aren’t a place that’s fancy or relaxing. On top of that, the amount of moisture in a bathroom makes showers the fixture in the house that shows wear the fastest. Many of them are plastic shells that collect grime and soap scum and are hard to clean.

Is getting a new shower installed worth it? Absolutely!

Make It Modern

If you’re getting tired of your current shower, there are so many options that weren’t readily available just a decade ago. Showers of today are often larger and covered with tile. They have seating areas and let in a lot of light. Plus, thanks to the full-glass enclosures and reduced hardware, they’re more beautiful than ever. It’s like showering in a fancy hotel every morning!

Let’s not forget about the water while we’re at it. Thanks to increased efficiency, showers use less water while delivering even better cleaning capabilities. Of course, you can also take advantage of large shower heads and panels that will make your shower and even more enjoyable experience.

Top Notch Is Are Your Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Whether you’re simply taking an existing bath and adding a shower or your going through with a complete bathroom renovation, Top Not Services is ready to be your home remodeling contractor. We’d love to help you get the bathroom of your dreams, so get the process started by contacting us right here!