Since the roof of the house is the protection, it doesn’t get any protection. It’s the part of the house that never gets a break from the weather as it acts like a shield against rain, hail, salty air, and the high winds associated with hurricanes. Of course, roofs also have to hold up to the intense UV radiation from the sun that breaks the molecules of the shingles down over time.

Simply put, the roof is the part of your house that suffers the most wear. Yet we tend not to think of it until there’s a problem. But once there’s a need for roof repair, you can’t just ignore it. Leaks can lead to stains on the ceiling, electrical fires, rotting beams, and compacted insulation. Perhaps worst of all is the introduction of water into your home, inviting toxic black mold to take hold.

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Whether you need roof repair, roof replacement, or new roof installation, it’s important to find the right roofing contractor. After all, roofing is a big, complex job, and you want it done right the first time. There are few things more frustrating than having a roof put on and then finding a new leak, something that’s not only annoying but also potentially dangerous to your home.

Top Notch Services and Remodeling has the crew ready to install your new roof. Not only do we have the tools at the ready, but our crews have the experience and knowledge to get the job done on time with as little disruption to your life as possible.

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