The primary reason a house requires leveling is that the soil wasn’t compacted well before the foundation was poured. As soil shifts, the foundation of a house gets less support and causes part of it to move. Improper water mitigations, such as broken gutters or a yard that channels water to the foundation instead of away from it, can also expose a foundation and lead to cracked concrete.

Of course, certain circumstance can hasten the degradation of a foundation. Sometimes concrete is poured on days when it’s too hot or humid, or an unexpected rain came along to add too much moisture. Other times contractors are in such a hurry to build a neighborhood that they don’t give the concrete foundation enough time to cure before they start building the house on it.

Some people experience foundation problems just a year after they move in, while others are just becoming concerned after living in the house for 20 years. What can be done?

House Leveling From Top Notch Services

The problem with a failing foundation or tilting driveway is that it never gets better on its own. On the contrary, the more it tilts, breaks, and cracks, the worse it gets. More water is getting into those spaces as the dirt washes away, which just lets more water in, hastening the entire process. That’s why you never want to put off any sort of home leveling.

Top Notch Services and Remodeling is ready to get your foundation level once again. We’ll fill the void underneath the foundation and raise it back to its proper level. This will prevent bigger problems in the future and stop your door jams from sticking and walls from cracking.

Let’s Get It On The Level!

Top Notch Services is ready to help protect your house for years to come with our home leveling service. Contact us today to get the process started!