When people who don’t live on the coast think of house lifting, they probably imagine it’s done to survive the wave swells from hurricanes that come in and drench a beach house. It makes sense; that’s what the news shows them, and it certainly makes the most dramatic footage.

But the truth is, most house elevation isn’t done to protect against ocean water. Heavy rains accompany every hurricane, causing rivers, lakes, canals, and other waterways to overflow. A huge amount of water in a short amount of time also causes storm sewers to overflow, flooding streets and basements.

Sure you could move, but why move to higher ground when there’s an effective alternative?. Invest in house lifting to protect your home…and you might even lower your flood insurance bills at the same time.

House Elevation Gets Your House Above Water

When you hear about a hurricane coming, you should always follow the advice of the experts on whether to evacuate or not. If they say you should leave town, wouldn’t it be nice to lock your door knowing that your house is going to be safer because you had house elevation performed?

We’re not going to lie to you; house lifting is a big deal. But the speed at which a house is raised is so slow that it’s actually a very gentle process. The house is lifted up on hydraulic jacks, usually between 3 and 12 feet. A new foundation is built underneath, which might be made from cinder blocks or wooden stilts. All of the utilities are lengthened to match the new height, and the next time it rains you’ll know that your home is safe and dry.

Let’s Lift That House!

House lifting can not only save your house, but it will probably reduce the amount you pay in flood insurance as well. We’d love to help you with your house lifting to protect your biggest investment, so contact us today!