They say that you should build on a firm foundation, and that’s true. But it’s not just the foundation you should worry about, because your framing also affects the finished building. That’s because a solid foundation isn’t going to help if your framing is poor. Unfortunately, much of today’s framing is sloppy, because most contractors are moving so quickly so that they can hurry on to the next house down the block.

What can poor framing do to your home or office? If a frame isn’t square, nothing else in the building will be either. That makes it more difficult to hang drywall, which might have to be trimmed at angles just to get the pieces to fit. It might not look like a problem when the drywall is finished, but then the people installing the cabinets might have to decide whether to make them level with the walls or make them level with their bubble level. It’s a compromise, and you don’t want to have to compromise when building a home!

In addition, if your framing is subpar it could also be more susceptible to a settling foundation. You’re more likely to see splits in the drywall and uneven door frames. What can be done?

Frame Properly To Avoid Future Problems

When you hire a professional framer who will take time to do it right, you’re simply setting your home up for success. Everything else will be placed on the frame, from shingles to cabinets to fixtures. A solid frame that is plumb will prevent so many problems down the road.

You might not notice the problems associated with a poorly-framed house right away. But over the years you’re going to notice that your bookcase isn’t perfectly parallel with the line of the ceiling. The bookcase isn’t sitting weird on the carpet; the ceiling or floor might be out of whack!

Let Top Notch Frame Your Building!

Will any framing look as good as the parts of the house that aren’t covered up, such as custom cabinetry and trim? No, because then it would take a decade to finish the frame and add tens of thousands of dollars finding perfect lumber! But there’s good framing and there’s bad framing, and you should always seek out a contractor who can deliver framing to the most exacting standards.

If you’re ready to get the right framing at a fair price, it’s time to call Top Notch Services and Remodeling. Get the process started right here!