If you’re ramping up to get your kitchen remodel done by a local home remodeling contractor, you’re probably getting pretty excited. Chances are that you’ve been wanting to have your kitchen remodeled for years, and you’ve probably been saving up to have it done. (Kitchen remodeling is, honestly, one of the most expensive remodeling projects in a house.)

But what’s most important to you in your kitchen remodeling project? Many people save up for so long that the kitchen they originally envisioned is out of style by the time they can afford to remodel! We’d love to be your kitchen remodel contractors and talk to you about exactly how you’d like your kitchen to look. Let’s take a look at some classic and modern ideas you might want to incorporate into your kitchen.

Appliance Garages

Most people’s lives are cluttered. Whether it’s the coffee table, the desk, or the bedroom, we just have a lot of stuff that’s cluttering up our lives. One out of every nine households rents a  storage unit just to help them get rid of clutter!

In the kitchen, a lot of this clutter comes from appliances. Sure, you need a toaster, but there are few toasters so fancy that you want to show them off to everyone who stops by. You love your coffee machine, but it’s not really something you want to look at all the time.

That’s where appliance garages come in. These are easy-access areas under the wall cabinets that can be shut and closed off in order to hide anything you don’t want people to see. It reduces the amount of clutter on the counter and makes everything look cleaner.


Islands can serve so many purposes that we don’t think they’ll ever truly go out of style. First of all, they give extra storage in a kitchen, which is something everyone is looking for. They also give you an easy place for food prep without staring straight at the hanging cabinets. They can also contain sinks (or even the range) for further food prep, allowing more people to work in a kitchen without bumping into each other. Finally, they might be an eating station as well, as many people buy a few bar stools and eat at the island instead of dirtying up the table for light meals.


There are few kitchen remodels that occur without replacing the appliances. Most people keep their appliances limping along, having them repaired until the day that everything can be replaced all at once. You won’t be surprised to learn that the most popular upgrades when it comes to appliances are still stainless steel. It goes with everything, and prices are much more reasonable than they were a decade ago.

The big question is “how smart do you want your appliances to be?” Do you want to be able to preheat your oven from your phone? Are you interested in your refrigerator keeping track of all of its contents and letting you know when you’re out of ketchup? That’s all up to you when you have a kitchen overhaul!

Are You Ready For A Kitchen Remodel?

If you are, we’re ready to help you get the kitchen of your dreams. Simply contact Top Notch Services to get the process started!