When some people are remodeling their home, they go it alone. While we don’t tend to recommend it — due to the risk of injury and the lesser quality most people end up with — we know that we’re not going to convince absolutely everyone that they shouldn’t perform their own house remodeling.

But something funny happens when it comes down to the sheetrock installation: they end up calling a professional. While they might do their own framing and electrical, many of them know better than to attempt their own sheetrock installation. Why? Let’s take a look.

Sheetrock is Heavy

Sheetrock has many names — such as wallboard, gypsum board, gypsum panels, or plasterboard — but the word sheetrock might be the best name of them all because it has the word rock in it. Sheetrock is made from a type of rock called gypsum, technically known as calcium sulfate dihydrate. Adhesives are used to keep the rock from crumbling as easily, and paper is put on both sides in order to give it additional strength.

Because sheetrock is made from a type of rock, it’s very heavy. A person trying to do everything on their own could even have trouble getting it into the house in the first place, especially if it’s the thicker ⅝” version. And because the panels are so large, it’s also extremely awkward to put in place attached to the studs. Most sheetrock doesn’t rest of the floor, so it needs to be lifted and then secured in place.

It’s Hard To Get The Seams Right

When you have drywall as the primary type of wall in your home, you want everything to appear that it’s all one piece. You don’t want someone walking along your wall and noticing the place where the drywall meets every four feet.

Getting a uniform look to your drywall installation is very difficult. There’s the seam filling with drywall compound, getting the joint tape smooth, and the joint compound to cover up the tape. At that point it’s also important to fill in any low spots and to fill the dimpled screw holes. It’s a lot of work and it really shows if it’s not done right.

Corners Are An Art

With enough practice, most people could probably get the seams right between drywall panels. But the corners are a much more difficult situation, and twice as important — they can be seen from multiple angles!

Sheetrock Is The Final Step, So Get It Right

Sheetrock installation is an incredibly important part of home improvement, and getting it wrong can look embarrassing and be incredibly difficult to fix. That’s why it’s so important to bring someone in who really knows what they’re doing. If you’re in need of drywall installation, contact Top Notch Services and Remodeling today!