The only constant in life is change, as the old saying goes. Nobody can alter that fact, even if they tried. But in truth, most of us wouldn’t want to. Having everything stay the same isn’t what any of us really want, and most of us would choose to change something about our house no matter how much we love it. Maybe we want some home improvement that could get us a new space or amenity, whether it’s useful or completely cosmetic. Remodeling homes is a great way to bring out changes without actually going anywhere!

Of course, sometimes the urge for change — or to get something new out of a home — means that people will move. Instead of fixing everything in their current home, they’ll choose to up and move homes completely, which is a huge deal. We’re here to give you some reasons home improvement to the current house might beat moving to a new one.

You’ll Spend Less Staying Put

When most people head out looking for a new house, they often end up experiencing “the creep.” They might say they want to spend $300,000 on a house, but just look at what you can get for $350,000! They end up spending more than they ever thought, which means more every month on the mortgage. There will also be buyer’s and seller’s fees, moving expenses, and probably a more expensive HOA. On top of that, most folks end up spending a lot of money on new furniture in order to match the new home.

Wait, there’s more! In order to pay for their larger mortgage, many people will end up resetting their mortgage. While they might only have 10 years left to pay on their current home, they’ll suddenly be paying more each month and resetting to a 30-year commitment.

What’s a better alternative? Stay where you are and invest in home improvement. You can have room additions and bathroom remodeling for less than the cost of moving, and you can…

Stay Around If You Like The Neighborhood

Sometimes people will sacrifice the neighborhood they love just to move into a more modern house, and we think that’s sad. If you’ve built up relationships with your neighbors and are being lured away by that one extra garage space in a different home, we hope you’ll consider a home renovation that keeps you happy in your current home…and your current neighborhood.


Stay In The Space You Love!

If you’ve lived so long in your house that you consider it your home, it seems a shame to move just because the kitchen needs remodeling or because you really liked the new deck you’d get with a newer house. At Top Notch, we’ll remodel your kitchen and build you a deck, and you can stay in the house you love.

Let’s Get Your Home The Way You Want It!

Top Notch Services and Remodeling professionals are experts at home remodeling, and we’d love to show you exactly what we can do to your house to make it the space you really want. Contact us today with any questions you have!