If you’re researching home renovation services, you probably find a mix of a) home remodelers wanting your business and, b) do-it-yourself sites telling you how to tackle it on your own. After a while, you probably start asking yourself “why don’t I just do it myself? The guys in the video are making that kitchen remodel look so easy!” Well, besides being experts, they also have the wonders of video editing that cut out all of their mistakes!

The fact is, while we respect people who are interested in DIY, there are some projects that are often best left to the professionals. Here are four good reasons you should probably stick with professional home remodeling contractors for your next renovation project.


Let’s say you’re renovating a kitchen. How many times have you done so? We’re guessing that, over the course of your life, you’ve probably remodeled between 0 and 1 kitchens. It’s just not something that most people ever have a hand in.

The people we work with are involved with home remodeling every day. It’s their job, and they’re experts at it. They don’t have to keep moving their eye back and forth from the video to the project like you might, because it’s second-nature to them. Sometimes it just makes sense to let the specialists do their job.

Let’s put it this way. If you’re doing your own kitchen remodel, you’ll be doing the cabinets, countertop, trim, backsplash, flooring, and everything else. But as home contractors, we’ll be bringing in experts in each of those fields. You can see pretty quickly how having specialists would be an advantage over learning each of them on your own.


This is the aspect of DIY that most people forget about. When they watch a video online, they get a false impression of how long it takes to do something like a kitchen remodel, even a small kitchen remodel.

When you’re working alone, any home remodeling project is going to take exponentially longer than you think; count on it taking about four times longer than a professional contractor quotes you.  Even if you take off work for a week to tackle a house remodeling project, you’re still going to be surprised at how long everything takes. And during the entire experience, you’ll be without the use of whatever room you’re remodeling, plus you’ll be living with the mess for longer. We’re guessing that’s not going to go over well with others in your house, so why not get the remodel taken care of much more quickly by hiring professionals?

It Doesn’t Always Save You Much Money

What’s the primary reason that people end up tackling their own home renovation project? Money. When they hear the quotes from remodeling contractors, sticker shock often convinces them that they can just do it themselves and save a ton of money. After all, the local home improvement store has everything they need, why not just buy everything from there and put it in?

Here are a few reasons why DIY isn’t really saving you that much money.

  • Tools – Not everyone has all of the tools necessary for a big remodeling project, so you’ll need to buy or rent them to get the job done correctly.
  • You Can’t Buy In Bulk – Because we buy in bulk and have relationships with suppliers, we’re able to get better deals on materials.
  • Mistakes Cost Money – The mistakes people can make in a DIY range from tiny (miscutting pieces of trim) to huge (starting the project, not finishing it, and having to have home renovation contractors come in to finish it.)
  • Time – Time is money, as they say. If you end up using all of your vacation time on your home remodeling project, you might have to take unpaid time off if you’re sick later in the year.
  • Eating Out – If you’re working on a kitchen remodel, you probably won’t have the use of the kitchen during the entire time it’s being worked on. If a DIY project ends up taking as long as we bet it will, then you’ll be spending a whole lot more money eating out than you would if you hired someone who can get it done more quickly.


Speaking of tools, there’s always the issue of pain and injury to be considered when embarking on any home renovation project. Saws are often a dangerous part of home remodeling, and there are the heavy countertops that you could drop on your toe (and break both the toe and the countertop!). Cabinets are also extremely heavy, and dropping those could actually kill you — plus they could fall now or later if you don’t mount them properly. Then there are the problems associated with nails and screws and getting either of them stuck in your foot. Wouldn’t it just be a whole lot safer to let the experts take on the risks associated with kitchen renovations?

Let Us Take Care of Your Home Renovation!

We know that there are some DIY’ers that we’re never going to convince, no matter how many good reasons we give. But if you are on the fence between doing it yourself or hiring a remodeling contractor, we hope that we’ve given you more than enough reasons to research the professional options you have a little bit more. Hopefully you’ll come around and take a look at the expert house remodeling you can get from working with Top Notch Services and Remodeling. Contact us today to get your Port Lavaca home remodeling project started!