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If you’re looking for a home remodeling contractor company that can do everything under the sun and charge you a fair price for it, you’ve come to the right place. TopNotch Services and Remodeling is ready to handle all of your home improvement needs, from the smallest repairs to the largest home renovation projects out there. Seriously, we can tackle it all, and that’s what this first blog is all about: letting you know about the plethora of projects that we handle each and every day. Let’s take a look.

House Lifting

Let’s start with a big one! As we saw with Hurricane Harvey last year, any town or city that’s anywhere near the coast can suffer from the effects of a hurricane. Harvey ended up being the costliest hurricane in history, causing over $125 billion in damage; much of that was from heavy rainfall.

Whether you have a home on a beach or suffer from torrential rains and overflowing waterways, house lifting (also known as house raising) can be a big step in saving your home in the event of flooding. We’ve got a lot to say about house lifting and look forward to telling you more about it in future blogs, but for now all you need to know is that it can make the difference between losing your house completely and coming back to a main level that’s completely dry.

House Leveling and Foundation Repair

Before embarking on any major renovations, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your house is level. That’s because the renovations inside, such as crack repair, can be undone if the foundation of a house isn’t properly shored up first.

Why does a house need leveling or foundation repair? Sometimes it’s the ground underneath that gives way. Other times the concrete was improperly poured and cracks so much as to cause the house to shift. Other times it’s a combination; the shifting earth causes the foundation to fail. No matter the reason, TopNotch Services and Remodeling can get your house back on solid ground.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are the area of a home that tend to go out of style faster than any other. Cabinet styles and colors come and go, neutral color appliances give way to stainless steel, and electric can be replaced by gas when it comes to rangetops.

Because so much time is spent in the kitchen, it’s important that it’s everything you want it to be. Do you want an island? We can help. Interested in more counter space, granite tops, or cabinets with pull-out drawers underneath? We look forward to helping with your kitchen remodel.

Bathroom Remodels

There’s typically only one kitchen in a home, but there are often two, three, or more recently even four bathrooms in a typical house. Because bathrooms are meant to be comfortable spaces, it’s important that you take time to get the bathroom remodel that you really want. For instance, your bedroom might have a big bathroom and you’re interested in adding a stand-alone tub so that you can relax with a bath at the end of a day. On the other hand, you might require a small bathroom remodel on the main floor and want to deck it out due to the company you often have over.

Because of all the water and steam, bathrooms tend to need remodeling sooner than other rooms in the house. No matter the size or shape of your bathrooms, TopNotch Services and Remodeling can help you get exactly what you want in your bathroom renovations. Not quite sure what you want? We can show you exactly what’s in style!

Home Renovations

Of course, home remodeling doesn’t stop at just kitchens or bathroom remodels. In fact, TopNotch Services and Remodeling can be your general contractor no matter what room of the house is ready to be remodeled. We’ll tackle living rooms, bedrooms, basements, closets, and every other space you can think of. As general home renovation contractors, we can provide the best in home renovations, whether it’s just a hall closet or the entire house (inside and out). Check out our gallery to see what we can do!


Flooring can suffer some of the worst wear and tear in a home, and it’s pretty obvious why. Not only are people walking on it every day, but it’s also being affected by the furniture that’s on top. After a certain amount of time, all carpeting has to be replaced. Wood floors get scratched. Linoleum gets cracks and tile can lose its grout.

None of these are problems for TopNotch Services and Remodeling. We can replace your old flooring with the same type or you can change it up a bit. Need hardwood in your living room? Sounds good! Ready to say goodbye to linoleum for good? We’ll get that new tile installed.

Deck Building and Patio Construction

We think every house should have some sort of patio or deck. While the inside of the house might be nice, it’s good to get out in the backyard every so often and take in the fresh air, grill, or just sit and relax.

Can TopNotch Services and Remodeling handle both patios and decks? We wouldn’t bring it up if we couldn’t! We can build you a deck with the material of your choice, or pour a patio like none other. Put simply, we can help you enjoy the space around your home better than ever before.

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